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Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S were established on 17th March, 1917, as De Danske Sprængstoffabrikker A/S (The Danish Explosives Factories A/S) and commenced production of explosives and detonators. Later, the range of products was extended to include cellulose lacquers and starting cartridges for diesel motors. In 1973 the production of explosives ceased. In 1977 the lacquer production rights were sold and the entire production ceased. At the same time Det Danske Sprængstofselskab A/S (The Danish Explosives Company A/S) was established with the purpose of selling explosives and igniters and performance of technical consultations within the company’s sphere.


On 12th December 1997 we were named Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S. We still belongs to Dyno Nobel Europe, a group under Dyno Nobel ASA in Norway. Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S refers to Dyno Nobel Sweden AB in Sweden.


Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S offers and supplies


·          Explosives

·          Igniters

·          Blasting accessories

·          Courses in blasting technique


·            Consultations in calculation of blasting


·            Vibration monitors

·            Geophysics instruments

·            Pyrotechnic

to the Danish stone-working industry, contractors working locally and abroad, Danish salvage companies and other consumers and to the military forces. The products are also supplied to Greenland.


Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S represents a great number of companies acting within the explosive, igniter and accessory fields.


The functions of the company are taken care of by three persons:


Jørgen Schneider                 Managing Director, Technical Service, Courses.

Birk Svendsen                     Logistic, Order Handling, Forwarding.

Kate Schou Jensen              Bookkeeping, Accounts, Course Administration.


Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S has its administration premises and storage room for accessories in the industrial area of Glostrup, about 6-7 miles west of Copenhagen City. Storage facilities for explosives and igniters are situated in North Zealand.


Tel. + 45 43 45 15 38

Telefax +45 43 43 22 70

E-mail dnd@eu.dynonobel.com



Dyno Nobel Danmark A/S

Postboks 1401

Smedeland 7

DK-2600 Glostrup